Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Texts

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get a text from my mom. We may go a day or two without talking (unusual) but I hear from her every day with a text or two....or three or four. Actually, if I don't receive a text, I worry and will end up calling to check on her.

My sisters and I like to pick on Mom for the texts she sends because some of them can be so random. They come, without warning or reason, and cause some type of reaction from you.

Sometimes I smile; maybe it is a sweet poem or some FWD she's found to brighten our day. Or, it might include "Have a great week" or "Happy Friday!" Sometimes I laugh - at times because it is funny - or because I'm in shock at what she sent. (We won't go into more detail on that one!) Sometimes I get teary-eyed, because it is thoughtful and unexpected like, "just wanted to say I love you!" Sometimes I even shake my head because maybe it interrupted my thought process with silly nonsense. "Yard sale on the left" or "Need an you want a travel bag for your crockpot?" or "yellow one!" are just a few.

The great thing about Mom is that she sends these texts to all three of us girls, sometimes includes the grand kids, and to Tim on occasion. Even on days when the texts seem distractful in the moment, when I think back on them, I see how special they are. Every time she sends one, wherever we are, we've stopped for a minute and are all connected. I can almost imagine my sisters and me simutaneously rolling our eyes or chuckling.

And I think that is all she's trying to do. Even though texting can be an easy way to disconnect, Mom's found a way to keep all of us crazy text at a time!


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