Monday, August 16, 2010

Chats on the Couch

I have to really limit what I say in this posting; and as a writer, it is often hard for me to cut back. However, I'm under strict rules not to divulge personal information about my son from my son! Noah has gotten on to me in the past when he's found out I've posted something about him - whether it be in a blog, on facebook, or even in a text. Apparently, I am to keep all his funniness to myself!

While I can't say what we discussed this afternoon, my daily dose of joy came in the form of a talk with Noah. What I loved about it was that he initiated it and did so because he needed advice. As a parent, that is something you always hope for - that you have the type of relationship with your child so that they feel comfortable talking to you about anything.

Today wasn't earth-shattering (and really quite cute - but that's as far as I can go!) but it felt so good to have him beside me on the couch, sharing his day and his life with me. I can only hope that this type of communication continues as he grows.

My little guy is getting bigger every day. He's nearly at eye level with me, sharp as a tack, and understanding more about life every moment. While it is fun to watch him changing, I miss his little self.

Children grow so very fast; almost in the blink of an eye, they are someone different and new. It's heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time.


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