Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday dinner...on a Thursday

It's probably the guilt of being a working mom but I take family dinner time very seriously.

I strive to cook dinner for us nearly every night. Some people even kid me about how I plan out my menus two weeks in advance. Even when I'm traveling, I make sure something is already cooked or there are easy options for Tim to make.

There are so many childhood memories I have gathered around the dinner table. Whether it was the early dinners Mom would work to prepare so that we could eat right after school, or the special meals she'd prepare for our birthdays, I could feel the love through her cooking.

I remember my little sister falling asleep most nights in her plate, a mix between her stubbornness and being tired from school. And I recall lots of laughter, as we sat at the table with Mom. One of the funniest moments occurred when I had a friend from school visiting. We grew up on a farm, without air conditioning, and in the warmer months we'd often leave our windows and doors open. One night, we were having dinner (some type of fatty meat like a roast) and Mom went to toss a scrap to the dogs outside. Instead of hitting her mark though, the piece of fat landed right on my friend's face! I was horrified, and she was almost in tears, until we all started laughing. Good thing she remained my friend after that - and came over again to eat!

When I think of a big Sunday dinner, I immediately picture meals at my Grandma Coons' house. From chicken pot pie to baked ham, there was always a warm meal to fill your belly and your soul at Grandma's. Sunday's at Grandma & Grandpa's included church, coming home for a delicious meal, followed by a nap, and the trip back home. There was always laughter around their table too, usually the result of something Grandpa Henry did - like eating his corn on the cob and pretending he was a typewriter.

It is those precious moments that drive me to create my only family traditions around the dinner table. There's just no better place to be than home, with your family, gathered at the table and a home-cooked meal. That's where memories are made!

Today was a long, 10 1/2 hour workday that included driving through a torrential rainstorm. By the time I made it home, I was tired and ready for PJs and bed. Thankfully, I had planned ahead and dinner was ready for me. The comforting scent of a pot roast greeted me at the door. Thanks to my handy crockpot we were treated to a warm Sunday dinner...on a rainy Thursday. And, we cheated by enjoying our meal snuggled together on the living room floor. Perfect way to end any day!


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